How to cope with uncertainty in life

After the worst recession in 2008, it caused many people losing faith economic development because jobs were scarce and saturated. It had caused many young graduates graduated from colleges or universities unable to find stable jobs. These fresh graduates were found to be better-educated compare to their predecessors. Many young people unable to find stable and well – paid jobs but only contractual jobs which are low – paid and it can be a very unstable cost of hiring and retaining of employees. Also, if you read the terms of the employment contract before you sign the dotted lines, you will realise that it is a temporary job with a 1-year contract where it is no longer like the baby boomers generation where jobs were permanently or lifetime employment that was once stable and secured. Because of these reasons, it had given rise to a new form of job opportunities which is freelancing and remote working where economists called it ‘gig economy’. These types of working are also known as digital nomads, these phenomena were caused by the book ‘The Four Work Week’ written by Tim Ferris.

However, being a digital nomad or freelancer either a location – independent isn’t that easy because it can be very uncertain unlike once knew lifetime employment, job security and fixed salary. In this situation, this is known as uncertainty. Our life is filled with uncertainty especially in a world filled with uncertain because the world is changing at a fast pace where everything is at our doorstep because of technological advancement where everything is low cost.

What I am trying to share with you life can be very uncertain as humans feel anxiety about being uncertain in an age where everything that seems so ‘what if’ and ‘what may happen or may not happen’. As human beings, if we know the future then we won’t be able to the toughness of bitter as what God trying to test us with. This is because when you read your Bible and Buddhist scriptures then you will know what means for accepting uncertainty.


Accepting uncertain doesn’t mean accepting negativity into your life but many well-known entrepreneurs, philosophers and inventors could tolerate uncertain because they knew that tough times will breed opportunity, eventually reap its benefits from it. This concept also accepted by many billionaires. To accept uncertainty in your life which means you are giving yourself to take on the challenges of life that throw at you, it is the greatest lesson where colleges never teach you to hone your skills to accept the uncertainty in your life after the roller coaster ride of recession.

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.” ~John Allen Paulos

Here are four tips for you how to deal with uncertainty in your life:

Ignore the voices in your head – This is where you heard your negative voices, it is a norm. But, in reality, you have the power to ignore it by trying to listen to your positive voices which are your intuition. Somehow, they already knew what you really want in your life.

Prepare for different possibilities – ‘Life is filled with possibilities’. Always try to open to different possibilities and it doesn’t mean that it can be a sad ending. However, whatever the outcome of that possibilities, you can always enjoy the ride like a car driving through a long and winding road. All you got to do, embrace both certainty and uncertainty of an outcome. All you got to do, you can just play with it by embracing it. Remember these words ‘sometimes when you’re alone, it will take you to an unexpected finding or journey.’

Be confident about your coping and adapting skills – To deal with an uncertainty, you need to assure yourself about your ability to manage the negativity. You don’t need to tell yourself that you need to expect the worst. After all, it is dealing more with the difficulty that you’re facing. It means that you have the capability to rise to the challenge of obstacles.

Focus on what you can control – Let it go if you can’t control the things that you can’t, but you need to focus on the things that you can control your finances while your bank account stuck. Always remember that something is always beyond your control but as long as you take care of the current situation then the outcome will take care of itself.


Building confidence

What is a confidence?

‘Confidence is contagious. So is a lack of confidence’. Vince Lombardi — Successful American Football Coach.

Some people have a great confidence where they can accomplish a task even though it is limited to their natural talent. However, some people are timid because of their lack of confidence. But confidence is a state of mind and it needs time to nurture them. Here, for an individual who is still struggling with confidence seriously really have needed a change of mindset. This is because confidence can’t happen in overnight.

Confidence comes from feelings of well — being, acceptance of your self — esteem and belief in your own talents and experience. In summary, it means you have to trust yourself or sometimes, a life coach or personal growth websites with free resources will whisper to you ‘believe in yourself!’

Importance of being confidence

Being confidence is important in your daily life because you will take a risk to perform tasks and learn from mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable because that’s where you learn from your mistakes and exercise precautionary. This is because confidence includes what will you do to take the next steps is solely based on your decision — making and problem — solving skills.

4 ways to enhance your confidence

Planning and preparePeople will feel uneasy when they are facing a difficult situation or ask to do new tasks either learning new skills. A good example will be recent graduate is on a job hunt.This situation always a dilemma that was faced by millions of graduate. Before you go for a job hunt, planning and prepare will be your weapon. A final year college student to avoid any unnecessary overwhelming and anxiety. A college student can use their college resources like Career Counselling or Student Affairs Department to get yourself a career counselling. They can offer you some tips and ways to manage your anxiety and your expectations. Also, the career counsellor will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and build up your professional profiles.

When came to interview, as a job seeker, remember that ‘practice makes perfect’, you can practice your interview skills with your friends or parents either a career counsellor. They will help you to sharpen your interview skills. Don’t forget to do your homework about the company and the job that you apply for. It will help you during your interview. Remember to ask relevant questions towards your interviewer.

Learning, Training, and knowledge — Learning and training will help you to build your confidence because you have equipped yourself with that relevant knowledge. Now the world is highly connected since the arrival of the internet, you’re equipped with a vast of information with the arrival of Google search engine. Here, you can do your research about new skills and learn new skills where you’re not taught in college.

Experience — People always said ‘Experience always counts’. With years of learning and training for experienced workers, they won’t have a problem because they’re already equipped with those necessary skills. For example, a skilled software engineer with 8 years experience with an IT firm, he won’t have a problem to get another job if he left his old one. Here, a fresh graduate will need to take positive steps to build up their professional files. Remember that the first step is always tough but be positive, you’ll make it and learn as the journey takes you. You can always seek help as you’re not alone because you can always turn to the internet. A good example will be me, I quit my job as a law clerk job because of its low pay cheque. I started to freelancing as a freelance tutor where I taught kids and teens English in Malaysia, I seek help from those experienced tutors and online learning resources like Futurelearn to learn about teaching. Now I am on the second venture which was coaching to law students from the UK and Malaysian law students and about personal growth. Here to sharpen my skills, I resorted to Udemy to learn about coaching.

Avoid arrogant — Be humble always in your life because being confidence isn’t about being how smart are you but how you feel good about your skills and talents even your life experiences. Always admit your mistakes when you make a mistake in your tasks because being humble will win you friends and ally when you climb the corporate ladder.

How to change your mindset


If you ever been criticized by your parents, relatives, and friends. They would just tell you very familiar words ‘can’t you change your mindset, please?’ or ‘Please you need to have a change of mindset’. The problem here, have you ever asking yourself with this question, ‘what is a mindset’. That’s an abstract question.

What’s a mindset?

Mindset is defined as being ‘people’s own way of thinking’ or ‘an individual’s way of thinking’ either ‘a person’s own set of thinking’. All people could come out with their own perspectives because the term ‘mindset’ is still an abstract meaning.

However, if you search in Google search engine, you’ll find that ‘mindset’ is defined as ‘an established set of attitudes of an individual or a person’. From here, we know that mindset did influence our attitudes that will propagate our way of doing things.

The question is how do you change your mindset? The keyword will be ‘paradigm shift’. That’s simple! What is a ‘paradigm shift’? Many people have different perspectives about the term ‘paradigm shift’. But I will call it when you shift your mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. A person who has a paradigm shift in a growth mindset, that person already move out of their comfort zone.

I’d done my own research as an English tutor on my students, both are school children and teenagers. These students are motivated to strive for the best will have a change of mindset where they moved out of their comfort zone through challenging their brain to learn new skills. These people will enjoy a happy life and filled with abundance. Test score for English test increase too! So try to have a change in your mindset to live a better life.

Here are a few tips to help you to change your mindset:

Create positive habits.

A study shows that positive habits are important because it will lead you to positive impact. Many successful people will possess positive habits because they knew the power of positiveness of good habits. Who knows it will reward you when the time arrives. You can start with meditation, do Yoga, read self-help book etc. Also, you can make a to-do list as your set of goals so that your today tasks will be easily completed.

Identify your problem that you’re facing.

Many people find it tough to identify your problem because they are denial in the first place. If you identify your problem then you will be seeking for solutions to your problem. From here, you will feel yourself make a change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. This is important because many people failed to make a change in their mindset because they are living in doubt of new changes in their lives if they make a change.

So remember, you have to identify the problem that you’re facing so that you will realise that you need solutions to your problem and don’t doubt the changes but strive for it because every change brings good and positive to your life which is abundance.

Always stick to the positive choice.

In life, you always have a choice. If you read a famous poem ‘A Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost, you realize that life fills with different road paths. A human being always possessed something that calls for ‘fear’. We will ask ourselves this question ‘what happens if I took a different path?’ or ‘what if the outcome is not what I want?’ Yes, it is true there is a possibility that the outcome can be very unexpected when the risk of failure is high, but sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise.

I still remember an internet marketer told me once that ‘life is an experiment’ just give it a go. She really hit the bricks when I was feeling down so why don’t embrace life can be an experiment and unpredictable.

How to manage failure

What is a failure?


The word ‘failure’ sounds familiar to you. Do you think you can accept the word ‘failure’? The greatest question for Asians to ask because in Asian culture that value ‘face value’ culture, we seem to frown upon the word ‘failure’. I guess Asians hate the word ‘failure’ because we thought that we’ve to try again which means we’ve to start from scratch. That’s the major stereotyping of the word ‘failure’ when I’d a good conversation with my Mother during my college years. As a typical Chinese embedded with the word ‘face value’, my parents will think that failures only reserve for the young people to face but not for the middle-aged who got layoff from his or her job.

According to my independent research, many young entrepreneurs before the Age of the Internet like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell. Do you familiar with them? They do share a commonality which is failures before they became a hero in the desktop personal computer industry in the Silicon Valley. Also, remember the inspirational speech by Steve Jobs in Stanford Commencement address, I think all the readers will find it very inspiring.

Don’t forget J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter series before it was sensational after the first book earned a box office title in the theatre backed in 2002. She was unknown and was struggling because of her failed marriage and a job that she finds boring. Her story before her popularity that earned her millions was a good story about learning from failures.

‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’

I guess there is some great lesson to learn from failure because they allow you to self-reflect what goes wrong. According to the psychologist, failure can be overcome and mitigate them but you can’t avoid failure because failure and success are inter-related in life. After all, both elements are part and parcel of human life, that’s what my old friend told me once.


Here are 4 ways to manage failure if you ever face a setback:

Identify the risk. You have to ask yourself what are the risk in whatever you, will the risk at stakes that will cause you a huge failure or win – win situation. However, throughout your assessment of the risk of failure, if you think that there is a high chance of winning and bring you breakthrough then I will take the decision to push through that plan. This strategy isn’t new, remember that the greatest entrepreneur in the world is Thomas Edison, the man who gave us the light bulb, he was once said, ‘I didn’t fail but I just haven’t found the right way to succeed’. I guess the genius of the century in American Gilded Age (circa the 1800s), it did change his personality through determination to give us the light bulb.

Set a deadline when to walk away. Many people would ask ‘what is set a deadline when to walk away?’ Honestly, no matter what you do whether you’re college students or corporate leaders, remember that sometimes you need to know when to walk away from something that never blooms out. This is usually happening for sales and marketing professional where they have deadline about contractual negotiations especially those high-risk business deals. You have to set a clear deadline when to let go if you realise that they’ll be no win-win situation.

Scout or listen either ask for more advice before jumping to a high-risk failure bandwagon. When you’re doing an assessment of high-risk failure then I’ll suggest that you better seek more advice by shop around especially experienced people in your industry. Don’t forget that do some google search about the subject matter. Always note that you’ve to realise that you need to fully utilise the power of mass opinions or advice because they really can help you to make the wisest decision of all time where your risk of failure goes slow.

Talk or share about your failure. Treat your failure as your nemesis – friend relationship. They can make you stronger in terms of mentally strong. To embark on entrepreneurship, you have to take the challenge of facing your own failure. What do you learn from your failure? Failure is a great mother of all lesson that school and college never teach you by your textbook and academic professors. By sharing your failure, it’s a great lesson that you’re sharing with your audiences. Let them know your solutions to the failures, the greatest story is not about your success but facing failure and learn from your failure. How do you reborn after your failure? Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were one of them.

How to be more productivity

How to be more productivity

What is a productivity?

When you google it in the search engine, the term ‘productivity’ would just a popup. When you turn on the Oxford dictionary, it’ll give you the rigidity of the definition for ‘productivity’. It was defined as ‘the state or quality of producing something……’ or ‘the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.’

We can summarize that ‘productivity’ was known as ‘producing work with more effectiveness’. Here, the questions that cracked people’s brain, how to become more productivity? The relevant authority to the word ‘productivity’ is ‘The 4 hour work week’ written by Tim Ferris. He is a real advocate for being productivity with better efficiency.

Also, Tim in his book also emphasized about outsourcing your daily chores like schedule or event planning, drafting the document and booking for a hotel or air ticket and other minor chores can be outsourced to the virtual assistant. He even teaches you how to manage your productivity skills.

Check it out his website

Here are 3 tips that basically will help you then you can make an addition to increase your own productivity where you can tailor them to suit your needs.

  1. Stop to sabotaging yourself. Sometimes you need to do is to identify what is your working style. Find a relevant spot or working style that suit your taste. Stop giving yourself an excuse by giving yourself the word ‘I can’t………’
  2. Talk positively to yourself. The secret to get yourself moving on, all you got to do is that you need to whisper to yourself with positively with words like ‘I need to reach from point A to point B’, ‘What are the cause of my slow down’…….
  3. Know your time management. Time management was a skill that you can learn when you are planning of your college coursework just not to miss any deadlines. To be more productivity, an individual need to understand her time management style.

Talent Management

What is talent management?

Talent management is an important department for every company in the world regardless whether it is a small-medium sized or multinational corporation. It is obviously they have a department known in many names like human resources, hiring management or talent management.

Talent management is an utmost important because they are the backbone of a company for hiring and retainment of employees. Without that department, a company will be considered a sham company as they’re the one who responsible to source for potential workers to bring the company to greater heights and to ensure proper functions of every department of companies.

Changes in talent management

But, bear in mind that there will be a changes in hiring and retainment of a talent in 21st century especially post – Great Recession, we saw a new trend of technological advancement that will impact the talent management industry where talent management will constantly feel the pressure of changing their way of managing their pool especially salary and not – monetary compensation.

To change into a new way of managing talent, the talent managers have to relook of their outdated company hiring policies especially remuneration packages. Nowadays, generation Y is the most challenging age groups to manage as they have the different perspective about work and life. According to PwC survey report, these young generations prefer a work – life balance unlike their previous generation of their parents who was from the Baby Boomer generation or their siblings who were from the generation X.

In Asian culture, we are told by our parents we need to work hard and earn tonnes of money, well, I, as typical generation Y or Millenials either Net Generation doesn’t conceive tot he ideals of handwork and earns tonnes of money, we prefer a new type of work for life which is work – life balance whereby a progressive workplace. A good example will be the Facebook and Google Inc. campus, it had won many times as an ideal place to work as their hiring and retainment is highly progressive compared to the other companies talent management practices. Hiring within Facebook and Google Inc. can be very challenging, fresh graduates would need to undergo hours of hours of strange interview questions depend on what positions of that candidates apply. But, it worth it, in their campus, all employees are entitled to the state of the art facilities including Xbox, pool tables, free food where it covers 3 meals. Also, you’re entitled to flexible work hours as long as you have done your work or came out with ideas that will impact the world. That’s what Google called ‘Intrapreneur’. The most consider weird practices by other corporate talent management will be Google’s ‘nap pod’ and ‘unlimited annual leave’. Nothing new, it was practiced by Facebook, their competitor in the tech industry. It’s sound very attractive and progressive where the tech titans of the Silicon Valley could attract and retain their talent for many years. Also,their unconventional way of managing their talent pools was adopted by the sprang of startup company like in Malaysia like Servishero, Nuffnang, SAYS and even the Americanised company with its American-educated CEO of his American company Mindvalley greatly emphasised on how to create happiness in the workplace and attract talent.

Please refer to this link:



To survive in such a constantly changing environment that was fast paced, a talent manager needs to think about adopting progressive measures which are education and empowerment for younger generation especially that generation Y, they’re well known in Malaysia because they’re the victim of youth unemployment in Malaysia.

Here are a few tips for the talent management department to adopt new way of managing talents:

The company culture that values flexibility. According to a survey that the Millennials or generation Y value flexibility. This is because they grew up with technology which is the internet boom backed in the 90s, a time when they were growing up, they had seen the tech revolution brought by the dot-com into their PC desktop with the dial-up internet when they plugged their landline phones to their desktop.

With the super highly connected to the cyber world, young workers could easily leverage technology to their advantages like working remotely from their home as long as there is the internet connection. With the smartphones boom in the late 2000s, apps already starting to change our way of work which is in the future, there will be nomad workers like freelancers fully working remotely from their bedroom like fully utilising apps like Group chats, Citrix, Webinar on jam etc. All these apps really revolutionised the corporate world. Sooner or later, it will change our traditional 9 to 5pm working hours, an Industrial Revolution legacy where it will become a relic of a past for the future generations.

Also, there will be the next big thing which is the Artificial Intelligence where it will give an ultimate flexible in working hours and increase productivity in corporate sectors.

Happiness is the new productivity. Vishen Lakhiani said in his premium personal growth webinar which was priced in USD even though it was headquartered in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In his talk, he said talent management can’t be confined to only competitive remuneration packages like salary, fringe benefits, overtime claim and company annual trip and annual dinner.

But, to give your employees the autonomy to work on their favourite projects and allow them to learn what they are keen i.e. pay them to learn something new and encourage your employees to venture into entrepreneurship.

By giving some space to grow and sharpen their learning it will be awesome that the productivity of your employees will increase.

Training. Every training is part and parcel of a talent management. This is because an up-skilling of an employees are important so that the new trend way of working and enhancing their productivity. With the new education technology being sprung that flooded the cyberspace, the corporate talent management could leverage those platform to train them especially in self-confidence, stress management, meditation and learning skills. All these skills are soft skills where a fresh graduate wasn’t taught in college.

Also, there is a huge unconventional course in the ed-tech platform which wasn’t been taught in college like creative thinking skills has been rank systematically as been most important skills even deep thinking and design thinking as part of the entrepreneurial mindset skills as startup companies in Malaysia are looking for those skills.

Stress management

What is stress?

‘I’m having stress’. The phrase sounds familiar to you where kids, teens, young adults and corporate soldiers always screamed that phrase.

Stress was defined by online dictionary define that ‘pressure or tension’ that happened in your life. Stress is normal phenomena that happen in our daily life. Every day it happens in our school for students while facing examination. Even for the corporate professional in the office feel stress when they are facing tough situation i.e. meeting dateline, trying hard to meet the sales target for a Front officers in Bank.

My question to you is this, ‘how do you manage stress?’ I guess this is a great question for everyone to ask. Don’t worry, here is a link to help you to answer your million dollar question:

I think my favourite kind of talk where I can recommend to you, my fellow readers, is ‘How to make stress your friend’ by Kelly McGonigal. Please spend some 14 minutes of your time to listen to this inspiring talk about turning your fear into your friend, I guess it is something that we never heard about because of the speaker’s creativity for stress management.

How do you manage stress?

Here are few tips to help you:

Take a break. If you’re too overwhelm with your work then do take a break by stopping your work for a minute to give a refreshment to your mind. For example, take a sip of green tea, it will help you reduce your stress.

Have fun. I bet all readers would ask why and how? Well, it’s true that working in the corporate office can be stress without fun. But don’t forget that, a nowadays corporate office is very aware of new startup the way they managed their employees’ needs. They replicate the success of startup like Nuffnang and Mindvalley, they have great perks, paying their employees to have fun while learning and recreational facilities for their employees to have fun just de-stress themselves. Try to do something fun on your own like cracking some jokes with your colleagues during your tea time. Besides, maybe you even can sign up for new courses for its knowledge as well as enjoy yourselves.

Get support from your friends or colleagues

Please remember we’re no longer in a world of our own as it is quite tough to do things on your own, that’s why there is group work or teamwork. Remember the last match of FIFA World Cup four years ago, why did Argentina lose the match? It’s because of one man show like Brazilian national team where there was no teamwork among the national team, if there was, Argentina would win their second FIFA World Cup champion.

Getting support from your friends in colleges/universities or your colleagues are important so that your burden on your shoulders will be lesser. It’s nothing wrong or shame to ask for help.

Exercise and eat healthily. Exercise and eat healthily could reduce your stress. A simple walk for a few minutes could produce an endorphin hormone where makes your body feel good and relax that will reduce your stress hormone. Also, eat healthily like have more vegetables and tomatoes. Please don’t coffee where caffeine only increases your stress hormone that will turn your body into a flight – fight zone.

Meditation. Being mindfulness is an important topic that everyone was talking about. Also, when you google it, you’ll realise that there is paid courses to learn about mindfulness as what yoga gurus called mediation. According  to scientific studies show that meditation has multiple benefits where it will increase your immune systems to fight infectious disease, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and other benefits.

With all these tips to help you to win against stress-induced body each time under pressure in your work. Please do give a try even though it is only a basic tips. But I am sure it will help you how to take care of yourself when you’re dealing with stress induced situation.